New York Limo Insurance

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New York Limo Insurance

If you own a New York limousine service, your business requires insurance to protect your finances and property, your employees, and the risk to your customers. Our staff at Comparity Brokerage, LLC work with you to build the insurance policy package that will meet all your needs.

Coverage options include:

Commercial Auto  Insurance – covers damage or theft to the vehicles in your fleet as well as any bodily injury or property damage to your customers or anyone negatively impacted by your drivers while on duty.

Commercial Property Insurance – covers damages to your office building and contents.

General Liability Insurance – covers your business in the event of a misconduct lawsuit from a client including false advertising and slander.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance – adds additional liability limits to your policies.

Workers' Compensation – covers medical expenses and lost wages of your employees who are injured on the job.

Employment Practices Liability – covers you and your business in the event of a lawsuit and awarded judgments for unintentional and inappropriate employment practices.

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